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Safes For Home Or Business

If you are looking into purchasing a safe, you might be surprised at the variety of options available. There’s a wide variety of safes, so to help you start: First consider what you plan to put in your safe. Are you looking to store documents, jewelry, cash, electronics or other items? Knowing what you will be storing in your safe will make your purchasing decision an easier one.

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Accessibility Laws Now To Be Enforced In California

Starting with the ADA requirements for the reduced door opening force of 8 ½ pounds of pressure or less to open a door, and now with the adoption of the current California Building Code requirements of 5 pounds of pressure to open a door, building owners and businesses operators have struggled to meet the low pressure door opening accessibility specifications.

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Neighborhood eWatch Service

Did you know there’s a free service offered by SDPD that lets you know about crime in your area (or any area in San Diego)? Neighborhood eWatch is designed to automatically alert you via E-mail of recent crime activity in your selected neighborhood(s).

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