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If your San Diego home or business security requires computer, network, or electronic-based authorization, electronic access control equipment is your best professional choice. Commercial and residential security has moved far beyond the mechanical locks and keys of yesterday. Today’s electronic locks meet your need for monitoring time schedules, audit trails, and knowledge of who has entered or exited your property. Grah Safe and Lock’s exceptional selection of access control systems can even be customized to provide multiple access codes as well as dedicated time zones.

Schlage Connect Smart Lock Handle Set

Schlage Connect Smart Lock Handle Set

Straight Talk About Electronic Access Control

There are four ways to provide access to a door or gate on your property:

  1. A key, credential or card, or a fob.
  2. A combination/passcode for a keypad.
  3. Biometrics: finger print, vein patterns, and hand readers.
  4. A combination of any of the above.

Your options for electronically controlling openings are as follows:

  • Electrified mechanical locks that replace existing locks
  • Battery powered locks
  • Electric strikes that replace the door latch keeper with one that can be controlled electrically
  • Electromagnets
  • Electronic cylinder replacements
  • Electrically controlled doors or gates

Each of these solutions has their strengths and shortcomings, and your final selection should be based on what is the strongest, the most durable or the most cost-effective access control system to install. Our access control specialists are ready to consult with you about your security needs.

Since 1914, Grah Safe and Lock has been helping San Diego neighbors to keep their properties safest with the best security products available. If you are looking for expert advice on electronic locks and access control systems, our licensed contractors are ready to speak with you!

Your Access Control FAQs

Q. Does Grah Safe and Lock do access control system installation?
A. Absolutely! We do new installations, retrofit installations, simple replacements, or whatever is required for your particular project.

Q. Can I use some of my existing hardware?
A. Yes! Reusing existing hardware is a very cost-effective and green solution, in most cases. If the hardware is sufficiently durable and strong, but more flexibility is needed, or an audit trail is required, we often utilize the hardware at hand and just add the component that is missing.

Q. Can I add onto my access control system later?
A. Generally, additional elements of access control, audit trail, or time zones can be added at a later date. This depends on the type of controlling elements we are using. This is something we’ll discuss with you in order to find the perfect solution to your security needs.

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