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Grah Safe & Lock Is Your Licensed San Diego Safe Dealer and Installer

Come to us for home safes, security safes, electronic safes, combination safes, and fireproof safe sales and installation.

Grah Safe & Lock stocks a wide variety of safes

Grah Safe & Lock stocks a wide variety of safes

Only licensed contractors deserve your trust when it comes to installing a security or fireproof safe in your home or business. California law requires all safe installers to have a C-28 state contractor’s license, but the truth is, many people who sell, move, or install safes lack this legal licensing. To be certain that you are protected by the State Contractors’ License Law, make the smart choice of working only with licensed safe installers. At Grah Safe and Lock, our security experts will be ready to show you proof of our C-28 state contractor’s license.

Straight Talk About Security Safes and Safe Installation

Whether you need a combination or electronic security safe to protect valuables or a fireproof safe in case of disaster, safes offer a level of physical protection that cannot be matched with the door and walls of a building. Safes can provide burglary protection or fire protection or a combination of both. Insurance companies often require a UL rated safe in order to insure certain valuables. Also insurance companies often give discounts for use of fireproof or security safes. If you are currently researching the purchase of a safe for your home or business, here are the questions you need to ask yourself:

  • What am I going to store in the safe?
  • How much will I be storing in the safe?
  • How often will I be accessing the safe?

The answers to these questions will help our security specialists identify the very best safe for your present needs. There are so many safes available for sale these days, and it’s easy to make a mistake if you don’t ask the right questions or have access to the right information about security safes. We want to ensure that your purchase of a safe is a smart investment and we hope to prevent disappointment by sharing with you some of the most common mistakes that are made in buying a safe.

Safe Sales and
Installation FAQs

Q. What types of safes do you sell and install?
A. We sell and install a wide variety of home and business safes, security safes, electronic safes, combination safes, gun safes, and fireproof safes.

Q. Do you install the safes we sell?
A. Yes. We offer safe moving and installation in San Diego for most of the safes we sell. We have moved safes weighing up to 10,000 lbs.

Q. What do you need to know know before moving or installing a safe?
A. We will need to know the make and weight of the safe, as well as where the safe will be moved to, the flooring it will be moved over, if there are stairs or grades, and where the safe will be finally installed.

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What are common mistakes in buying a safe?

Our security specialists identify the very best safe for your present needs.

Our security specialists identify the very best safe for your present needs.

Buying a safe that does not perform the job you need done is a common mistake. There are items that look like a safe, but are designed to protect from fire alone. If fire is the main concern they may work, but offer no protection from a burglary attack.

Another common problem we see is trying to buy a safe totally online. In two dimensions, all safes look alike and people tend to buy the lowest cost unit and not the right safe for the job.

Many people simply don’t know what level of fire protection is needed to protect valuables in the case of a fire. Because of the large firestorms in San Diego, we have opened dozens of safes and fire files that have been in complete house fires. Count on our experience for the information you need to know about the specific amount of fire protection needed to protect your belongings in a total house fire.

At Grah Safe and Lock, we sell safes designed for fire, burglary or both fire and burglary. We are happy to explain the differences and show you our impressive selection. We carry Amsec Safes, Liberty Safes, and many other trustworthy brands.

For a primer on buying safes, view the below video on safe selection:

We Also Service Safes in San Diego

In addition to selling, moving, and installing safes in the San Diego region, Grah Safe and Lock offers licensed safe servicing.

Let us answer your FAQs about our safe servicing:

Q. What kinds of safes do we work on?
A. We service virtually ALL types and brands of safes. We can change the combination on safes, and do suggest that a safe’s combination is changed each time a combination is given out.

Q. Do all safes need service?
A. Safes have mechanical and electronic components and need servicing to keep them working properly. Some safes, such as GSA containers, require regular servicing and inspecting to maintain their ratings.

Electronic safe locks use batteries that require replacement. It’s best to replace the batteries while the safe is still operating.

Q. Can we open your safe if the combination is lost?
A. Yes, we have a staff of safe and vault professionals who are trained in the art of opening safes.

Q. What do we need before we open a safe?
A. Although we can open safes, we need to determine the ownership of a safe before we open it.

Q. Can safes be re-used after opening?
A. Generally we are able to repair the safe to its original rating. Some safes require a full inspection and safe lock replacement to maintain their ratings.

Q. Can we help you move your old safe?
A. We move old safes as well as new. To move and install safes in California requires a C-28 State contractors license. Be sure and ask to see the contractor’s license of anyone who is offering to install a safe in your business or home.

The questions we ask for moving old safes are the same as when installing a new safe.

Q. Are electronic safe locks safe?
A. Over the last several years electronic safe locks have become the most common type of safe lock in America. Yes, most electronic safe locks are as secure if not more so than their mechanical counterparts. Some electronic safe locks on very low cost fire storage boxes have an electronic lock that is easily compromised. This is one of the reasons you should buy your safes from a licensed and trained professional.

Q. Do we work on government safes?
A. Yes, we work on GSA containers, SCIF rooms and with all DOD and military requirements.

Q. For government or DOD safes, do we need special qualifications?
A. Yes, there are specific requirements, training and testing for those who work on classified document storage units. Additionally, if a unit has lost its label or has been drilled open, repairs must be done in a specific manner and the safe must be inspected by a certified GSA inspector. Grah Safe and Lock has two certified inspectors on staff.

Other important points on servicing safes:

Certification is required to work on, repair, re-label or inspect DOD required containers. The state of California requires licensing to install safes. The specific license is a C-28 contractor’s license. Safes need attention, like all mechanical things. For peace of mind when you need to purchase a safe or have a safe moved, installed, or serviced, call on the licensed contractors at Grah Safe and Lock – serving San Diego, California since 1914.

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