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Things to think about when buying a fireproof safe

  1. Determine what exactly you would like to store in the safe
  2. Learn about fire ratings and what you may need based on your house design and location
  3. Determine where you would like to install the safe
  4. Will your floor support the weight of the safe?
  5. Do you need different kinds of protection such as paper, or money?
  6. Do you need the security of a burglary rated safe?
  7. Do you have special needs for storage, such as guns or digital media?
  8. Who should have access to your safe?
  9. Will you need a delivery service and installation?
  10. Is a Fire Proof File more appropriate for your needs?

Contact a safe professional to help with your specific needs as there are many things sold as fire protection that are not up to the task.

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